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The following community reporting format is to aid the delegate in creating a report for the APF and to also aid APF Admin in preparing the Agenda for the next APF.


1.    Describe your NA Community's achievements since the last APF meeting.

1-Attendance of Iran delegates in WSC 2012 .

2-Three day NAWS workshops of Iranian Trusted Servants in Dubai.

3-Opening of some Area offices.

4-Joining of some sub-committees in order to prevent extra expenses.

5-Forming a statistic Ad-Hoc committee.

6-Updating the Meeting list.

7-Public information through Media and having PI stalls.

8-Learning Days.

9-Formation of 3 new areas.

10-H&I panels .

11-Area conventions .



2.    What are the 3 biggest obstacles facing your NA Community, are any of these obstacles new since the last APF?

1-Legal registration of NA.

2-Insufficient guidelines for Trusted Servants and Committees.

3-Crowded Area and Regional meeting and indifference towards the decisions made.

4-Insufficient training regarding the service structure.

5-Extravagant use of NA funds in some groups and lack of respect for the Trusted Servants.Unnecessary formation of Sub-Committees or Ad-Hoc Committees.

6-Lack of Sponsors with service experience.

7-Use of unintelligible guidelines and adverse influence of the old timers.

8-Lack of a hand book regarding the 12 Traditions and misuse of NA name and logo.

9-Putting personalities before principles .

10-Meetings in open air.

 3.    Which of these 3 issues would your community most like to be discussed at the upcoming APF?

1-Insufficient guidelines for Trusted Servants and Committees.

2-Crowded Area and Regional meeting and indifference towards the decisions made.

3-Insufficient training regarding the service structure.

 4.    How else can APF Admin tailor the agenda of the upcoming APF meeting to best address the needs of your individual community?

 More F.D activities in our zoon for the purpose of exchanging experience & ideas.    

 5.    Demographics of  your fellowship:

  • How many groups/meetings do you have?
  • 3953 groups. 17789 meetings.
  • Approximate size of membership
  • Approximately near to 300000 members.
  • How many members with clean time/service experience?
  • More than 10384 trusted servants.
  • How many newcomers, where are they getting their initial NA Message?
  • The exact number of newcomers is not known .
  • How far apart are your Groups, Meetings, and Areas? Please describe any issues with travel etc.
  • Some groups are close together other groups are a little far from each other

Average distance between different groups is  1 - 3 km.

 6.    Describe your existing service structure:

  • Numbers of Groups, Areas
  • 3953 groups and 23 areas.
  • Describe your current operating Sub-committees

1-News letter sub-committee

2-LTC sub-committee

3-Workshop sub-committee

4-Web site and meeting list sub-committee

5-Regional office  

6-H&I sub-committee

7.      PI & PR sub-committee

8.      Budget planning ad-hoc committee. 

  • Have you hosted any conventions or NA events since the last APF.
  • Holding area convention in some areas

 9.    Literature Projects:

  • Literature approved by NAWS

1-Revising the "It works, How and Why".

2-Revising the "Just for Today"

3- Translation of the "Social Media Social Media and Our Guiding Principles".

4-Translation of the NAWS News January 2012. 

5-Translation of the NAWS News June 2012

6-Translation of the NAMECC Guidelines  

7-Translation of the Internal Processes and Procedures for the World Board of NA World Services

8-Translation of the Bulletin#13[NA & AA]

9-Translation of the Bulletin#28[Freedom From Prejudice]

10-Translation of the Bulletin#27[HIV and AIDS in NA]

11-Translation of Bulletin #29 [Regarding Methadone and Other Drug Replacement Program]

12-Making a list for NA Abbreviations

  • Existing Literature projects submitted to NAWS waiting for Approval
  • Existing Literature projects being worked on by your local LTC

1-Translation of the "Living Clean..."

2-Making a database and glossary for the words, expression and abbreviations in NA Farsi    literature

  • Future planned Literature projects


10. Who is your community currently in communication with? 

  • NAWS yes
  • Other NA Communities yes
  • Professional Agencies (NGO'S) yes
  • Government Agencies yes



11.  Freeform Section: Please use this section to report anything else that your community would like to communicate to the APF that is not covered by the preceding questions.  


1-Suitabl FD activities in our zone .

2-Holding workshops.

3-More communication between APF communities.


Javad M   NA.IRAN  RD

 Mahmoud B NA-IRAN  ARD